April 2011

Laid off? Bring in some extra money without risking your unemployment.

If you or someone close to you is laid off, there’s a way that you can earn some extra money without disqualifying yourself for your unemployment check.  A lot of the workmen that I know do not spend that much time on the computer.  This is very unfortunate, as many construction workers get laid off.  Even if it’s only temporary, some people feel like they have lost their identity when they can no longer perform their skill.

If you’re waiting to get the call to go back to work, why not spend some of that free time selling stuff on Ebay?  I bet that there are a lot of things in your house that you no longer use, but could fetch you some money by putting them up for bids.

This Bostitch Level shows Flaws... in our Nation

One of the very few positives that has come with our baby-stepping economy is the newfound affordability of tools.  When times were good and everyone was working, hands tools and power tools were still selling for top dollar.  This is no longer the case; there is not much demand for tools when the people who use them are laid off.

I needed a 2’ non-magnetic level.  I shouldn’t say that I needed it, but there have been many times that my levels were not ideal for a given situation.  I’d looked at getting a new one before, but I had never bought one.  I could do a lot more with $30.

The Truth about Private Technical Schools

Whether you

are in construction or not, you have probably seen commercials for technical schools that promise to turn you into an electrician, plumber, or any other skilled trade.  They make their programs sound excellent, but they’re not giving you the whole story.  Allow me to set some things straight.

First off, as for the quality of education, I’m sure that many of these schools do produce quality workmen.  They ought to, considering the fact that these programs can cost in excess of $10,000.  What they’re not telling you, though, is that you may be able to take these same classes in a state vocational school for much less.

Lenox Gold Locking Utility Knife

The Lenox 10771 Gold Locking Tradesman Utility Knife is a great tool for any workman, no matter the trade.  This is a well-made little utility knife for those of you who do not want to carry a full sized Stanley knife. 

This knife has a well balanced feel that the $2 folding razor knives do not.  As it is a Lenox knife, it features a quick change for the razor blade.  Switching blades is no hassle, as it is done in two easy steps, without needing a screwdriver.  First, the knife is opened half way.  The user then presses the button in back of the blade, pulls out the old blade, and puts in the new one. 

Electricians- Check Out These Dykes!

The Knipex High Leverage Diagonal Cutters

Hands down, these are the best dykes that I have ever used.  Of course they are very sharp and cut/strip wire with ease.  That’s not why I bought this tool, though.  The selling point was their length.  They are so long that the user has “high-leverage”, hence their official name is the Knipex High Leverage Diagonal Cutters.  I call them “my big dykes.”  At 10” long, these are 3” longer than my Klein Dykes.  In fact, they’re even bigger than my pliers, the Klein Journeyman Lineman’s Pliers.  

Lowe's 10% Off Coupons

Project Starter coupons mean more profitable jobs!

Did you

know that you don’t have to pay full price for anything at Lowe’s?  That’s right, you can save ten cents on the dollar for everything in the store, which can mean BIG SAVINGS when you are trying to pull off a profitable job.  These coupons are called “project starters.”

These coupons can be used to purchase almost anything in the store, including building materials.  For an electrician, this can mean big savings on wire, boxes, devices, breakers, and all of the other things that you always seem to be buying.  Seeing that a 250’ roll of 14/2 Romex wire now sells for $50, this could really help out when shelling out the thousands of dollars needed to do a big residential job.