This Bostitch Level shows Flaws... in our Nation

This Bostitch Level shows Flaws... in our Nation

One of the very few positives that has come with our baby-stepping economy is the newfound affordability of tools.  When times were good and everyone was working, hands tools and power tools were still selling for top dollar.  This is no longer the case; there is not much demand for tools when the people who use them are laid off.

I needed a 2’ non-magnetic level.  I shouldn’t say that I needed it, but there have been many times that my levels were not ideal for a given situation.  I’d looked at getting a new one before, but I had never bought one.  I could do a lot more with $30.

So I was pretty surprised when I saw this Bostitch level marked down to $15.99.  There’s nothing wrong with it; in fact, it’s a great tool.  Its body is all metal, which makes it strong and durable.  The center bubble tube is oversized, which makes it easier to use.  While the other two tubes are not oversized, they are enclosed in clear plastic to keep them clean from dirt, saw dust, metal shavings, etc.

This Bostitch level also features a handle in the body of the tool that makes it less awkward to position.  The handle also has a rubberized grip, which separates this tool from some of its competitors.  Both end-caps are made of this same rubber, allowing the level to absorb shock if dropped.

Three years ago a level of this quality went for twice as much.   If you are lucky enough to be able to afford some new tools, you might want to consider buying them now, rather than later.