Electricians- Check Out These Dykes!

Electricians- Check Out These Dykes!

The Knipex High Leverage Diagonal Cutters

Hands down, these are the best dykes that I have ever used.  Of course they are very sharp and cut/strip wire with ease.  That’s not why I bought this tool, though.  The selling point was their length.  They are so long that the user has “high-leverage”, hence their official name is the Knipex High Leverage Diagonal Cutters.  I call them “my big dykes.”  At 10” long, these are 3” longer than my Klein Dykes.  In fact, they’re even bigger than my pliers, the Klein Journeyman Lineman’s Pliers.  

For those of you who have ever used a normal pair of dykes to pry something, like removing old Romex or BX staples or prying out a nail in a place that a hammer won’t fit, you know that the extra leverage would be great.  Normal dykes are short and most of the prying strength they produce comes from the user.  By incorporating longer handles with the classic size cutting head, Knipex has made a great tool.

The model number for these diagonal cutters is 74 02 250.  These retail somewhere between $40-$50.  Don’t overpay for them at the supply house!  Get them online or try your local Home Depot.  I have seen Knipex pliers available at one area Home Depot store.  They don’t sell them online, though.

The tool in the picture has a pair of composite handles.  The two-tone grips allow the user to get a better hold of the tool than the classic grips allow for.  You can probably save a few dollars by getting the same tool with the red rubber handles.  I wouldn’t recommend them, though.  Not only are they less user friendly, they will wear out a lot faster.

Knipex are German made.  Remember Vince from those Shamwow commercials?  Yeah, you do.  “Made in Germany.  You know the Germans always make good stuff.”